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Frank Bradshaw is back....


At Cornish Premier Pasties we are devoted to producing traditional, hand crimped
Cornish pasties. We believe this Cornish favourite should be made available to
everyone throughout the UK! As all of our products are frozen at production, the
freshness of our pasties are guaranteed. Their traditional, home made taste
scream authenticity. Thousands of Cornishmen and women can't be wrong!

At the heart of this Cornish run business is Frank Bradshaw. From humble
beginnings at the back of a butcher's shop Frank started his career making pies.
As he worked and lived in Cornwall Frank decided to put all his experience and
passion into making Cornish pasties. Through his drive and talent it was not long
before he had to move to larger premises. For 25 years, employing over 100
dedicated staff, Frank and his sister Tess ran their successful business, Crantock
Bakery, producing handmade, genuine pasties, favourites throughout the region.
Eventually retirement called and they received an offer for the business they could
not refuse and left to spend a well earned rest in Lanzarote. However, as the
saying goes, 'you can take the man out of Cornwall, but you can never take
Cornwall out of the man'.

Franks new life was no substitute for his beloved Cornwall. So he returned home.
Unsatisfied with gardening and bored with playing golf every other day, Frank was
ready for a new challenge. One evening he received a phone call from his former
manager asking for some advice on starting a pasty business. Frank became so
involved that only 3 months later he and his former manager and associates
formed a limited company, Cornish Premier Pasties.

In their own custom built factory, complete with its own pastry and butchery
departments, plus vegetable preperation area, Cornish Premier Pasties produced
their first pasty drawing on all Frank’s passion and expertise. After only 6 years
Frank was back! Now employing over 30 staff of whom most were with Frank in
his Crantock days.

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